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Payload 40000 KG / 88184 lbs

The Ilyushin IL-62 is one of the proudest achievements in Russian aviation history. Russia’s first long-haul jetliner was also the world’s largest jet airliner when it first took to the sky in 1963. Over the next three decades, this state-of-the-art aircraft with its distinctive narrow body would prove both successful and enduring, making it a popular choice for cargo charter well over 50 years after its inaugural flight from Moscow to Montreal.

Interior design
Unless converted for cargo, the IL-62 seats up to 198 passengers in a single-aisle six-abreast configuration, although other configurations – such as an 86-passenger luxury configuration – are possible. There are two cabins, separated by a galley, wardrobe and crew rest area.
Aside from a public address system, the original aircraft had no in-flight entertainment systems, although some aircraft were retrofitted with in-flight entertainment systems after 1991. Other interior fitments are customised as dictated by commercial needs.

Technological features
The IL-62 was considered state-of-the-art for its era, with avionics including a Polyot-1 automatic flight control system that enables the aircraft to fly without human intervention. Thrust reversers on the outer engines were also a new future for Soviet aircraft at the time.
Because the power plants are mounted in the rear, the wings are aerodynamically clean resulting in free airflow over the dorsal wing surface that allows the aircraft to remain stable when flying through air turbulence of 16-18 m/s. Improvements introduced immediately after the IL-62 went into service included the use of the advanced Soloviev D30-30KU turbofan engine as an alternative to the NK-8-4 turbofans – an intervention that boosted take-off thrust and increased fuel efficiency.
Another unique feature of the IL-6 is third-rear landing gear with one pair of wheels that deploy when on the ground.
The Ilyushin IL-62 is capable of a maximum speed of 559mph and a range of 6,214 miles. When the Ilyushin IL-62M was put into operation in 1974, it was the first time the vertical tail was used as a fuel tank. This innovation increased the flight range by over 600 miles.
Technical refinements after 1991 include GPS navigation systems, automatic direction finders, and automatic radio transponders.

The Ilyushin IL-62 was one of the world’s original long-range aircraft when it was released in 1960 as a successor to the turboprop IL-18. After 94 standard IL-62s were delivered, production switched to the IL-62M. Special conversions included the Ilyushin-62M salon VIP to carry heads of state around the world in style.

Ilyushin is a Russian aircraft manufacturer founded in 1933 by Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin, who trained as a pilot in the Tsarist Army and as an aircraft technician in the Red Army after the revolution. He joined the Red Army Engineering Institute in 1921, setting him on course to become one of the world’s most famous aircraft designers.
Ilyushin Aviation Complex is now a public joint-stock company with headquarters in Moscow.
Interesting facts
Some retired IL-62s have been converted into museums in countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria.
The Ilyushin 62 has transported some famous passengers, including Pope John Paul II on his first trip to Cuba.
It was also used to transfer the remains of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara back to his home country.
It has an ardent fan in Kim Jon-Un, leader of North Korea, whose state-owned airline Air Koya includes the Ilyushin-62 in its fleet of vintage aircraft.
The aircraft broke five world speed and range records in 1977.
A model replica costs around $240 on eBay.

You will need at least $50 million and access to a large hangar to become the owner of your own Ilyushin IL-62.

Where to buy
The aircraft can be hard to come by and are often only seen for sale through specialised vintage Russian aircraft dealers.

Charter rates
The cost of chartering an Illyushin IL-62 can vary depending on several factors, including the length and route of your journey, as well as the airports you choose to fly to and from.
If you would like to charter this aircraft please visit our cargo charter page.

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Key details
40000 KG / 88184 lbs
Hold Size (LxWxH)
2798x317x212 CM / 1101"x124"x83"
Door Size
345x200 CM / 135"x78"
Medium to long haul

Total Load Volume
230 m³ / 8122'³
Maximum Range
6600 KM / 4101 Miles
Cruise Speed
820 KM/H / 509 MPH

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