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Payload 1400 KG / 3086 lbs

The Cessna 406 is a twin turbo prop aircraft suited perfectly to accommodate small payloads. It is capable of carrying two to three Euro pallets, but a cargo pod is also available in case extra capacity is needed. The Cessna 406 is also available in passenger configuration. Click on the private aircraft guide to view passenger version.

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Key details
1400 KG / 3086 lbs
Hold Size (LxWxH)
340x129x130 CM / 133"x50"x51"
Door Size
120x118 CM / 47"x46"
Short haul

Total Load Volume
7 m³ / 247'³
Maximum Range
550 KM / 341 Miles
Cruise Speed
450 KM/H / 279 MPH

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